Pebble Pro

Pebble Pro

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Pebble Pro

0 - 12 M
45 - 75 cm

i-Size (R129) safety | Flexible travel system | Comfort headrest and baby-hugg inlay | Part of 3way car seat Family |

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  • i-Size (R129) safety

    Improved safety standards provide additional safety for head and neck

  • Flexible travel system

    Compatible with all Maxi-Cosi, Quinny and many other strollers

  • Comfort headrest and baby-hugg inlay

    Comfort headrest and inlay offer a better fit and lying position for the newborn

  • Part of 3way car seat Family

    A solution from birth up to approx. 4 years old in combination with 3wayFix, Jade and Pearl Pro i-Size

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